My Books:

The Weird and Wonderful World of River Ice

Defining Moments - my first novel

A Day in the Life of a Professor

Who Say You Can't Herd Cats?

A Christmas Book for the Ukulele Beginner

A Ukulele Book for the Complete Beginner


My Blogs:

Technical writing advice

Help for new professors

River ice photo blog

Personal blog (humour)


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Info about our river ice research

A list of my scientific publications

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Sylvia Morice's Blog

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Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection (NASAP)


My Books

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Videos, Blogs and Photos


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             More than 60 colour photos...                         For civil engineers...


Discovery channel features

our research!

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 Ukulele Books for the Complete Beginner


Available in print or electronically, on Amazon.

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Photos featuring the weird and wonderful

world of river ice.



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Some of my other blogs:

Help for New Professors

...humourous advice for early career academics (from an old prof who has seen it all)


The Art of Technical Communication

...technical writing advice for college and university students (especially graduate students writing a thesis)


Time travel, tragedy, adventure, and romance...

something for everyone!

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Hay River Breakup

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 Faye Hicks, 2012 - 2015

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